ASOC Senate

The ASOC Senate is the core of the student democratic process at Ohlone

Leading the College

The Senate's vote holds the final say on ASOC's direction as an organization.

 Associated Students of

Ohlone College


Who are your Senators?

ASOC Senators are selected to be the best representation of the Ohlone Student body that year. 

Each semester, 10 Senators are selected in that semesters 'freshmen class' of senators.  Each Senator has 1 year terms (Start of Fall to End of Spring, or Start of Spring to end of Fall). 

But how does the Senate get selected?

 Each semester ASOC accepts 10 new senators. Of those 10 senators, they are broken into sets of 5 categories, abiding by the following classifications. 

  • 2 STEM Majors 

  • 2 Social Science Majors

  • 2 Business Majors 

  • 2 Arts Majors 

  • 2 At Large Majors (Allowing overlap of filled majors, non-categorical majors or undeclared majors). 

These classifications are, however, loose, and the definition of which category each major falls under is to the jurisdiction of the Executive Council. The core goal of this is to ensure that no single major holds over 20-40% of a single class of senators. The more points of view brought to the table, the better.

(Senators may change their major partway through their term and retain their original seat if needed)


A note one may make by observing this system is it doesn't take into consideration the percentage of the student body each major has, giving all equal representation regardless of size. This is remedied by the Executive Council being elected by popular vote by all students, and the InterClub Council giving each club a vote, whereby majors/social groups with more clubs will have more votes.

As a result, this freshmen class of 10 senators will be placed into the senate with the 10 senators from the Sr. Class of Senators in their second semester in the Senate. The goal of this is continuing the organization's generational knowledge, and to maintain functionality no matter which semester it is.



Once a week ASOC Senate meets to vote on items, listen to College and Student Admin Presentations introduce new ASO Bills, and discuss solutions to problems on campus. 


Colleges are governed by a series of committees on each part of the institution's structure. Senators are allocated to each committee to advocate for Student's interests and report any college malfeasances to the senate. 


Senators are encouraged to work with clubs on campus, or create their own staff teams to write Student Legislation (ASO Bills) to fix problems on  Ohlone's Campus.

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