ASOC History

1967: ASOC is Founded

With the creation of Ohlone, a Student Advisory Committee was created to oversee the creation of a new student government for this new Community College.

19XX: Full Year Terms

ASOC switches from semester-based terms to year-long terms, creating a more efficient system. 

19XX: College Changes Mascot 

In 19XX the Ohlone ___ changes to the Ohlone Renegade after a school-wide vote. 

19XX: ASOC Elects Deaf Student President

ASOC makes history as the first non-deaf college to elect a deaf student government president. 

2010: New ASOC Bylaws

In 2010, the modern iteration of ASOC's bylaws was developed by a group of ASOC leaders. 

2019: ASOC New Deal & Article 6

The ASOC New Deal reconstructed ASOC's system and created the Student Admin. 

Ohlone College attempted to end this effort, using a supremacy clause in Article 6 of ASOC's constitution. ASOC rallied students across the state to come protest the Ohlone board until they removed it. 

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