ASOC is Ohlone's Student Government

 What is ASOC?

Ohlone's Student Government is the leading student organization at Ohlone College.

Made by the Students, for the Students.

Creating Solutions

----------------------------------------------ASOC seeks to create solutions to all kinds of student needs, wants or concerns on campus. Whether it be club project funding, program design, local lobbying, or even something as simple as campus events; ASOC is ready to help. 

Building Campus Culture

----------------------------------------------Campus culture is important for student success at any college. ASOC seeks to build this culture through promoting on campus activities, putting on events, and eve surveying students to see what they'd like to see the future of the college to look like. 

Leading the


----------------------------------------------ASOC leaders are not just leaders in the organization, but also seen as leaders through out the college. Whether they are speaking to a classroom, college committee, City Council, or  even the State Senate, ASOC leads the way in advocating for Ohlone Student Interests. 

Advocating for 

Student's Interests

----------------------------------------------ASOC is a key player in advocating and lobbing for student interests. Senators sit on over 51 shared governance com-mittees, as well as send delegates to the state level student government to make sure Ohlone issues are spoken on state wide. 

What Kind of leader are you?

The ASOC Legislature is ASOC's 3 elected and appointed voting bodies (Executive Council, Senate, and InterClub Council). They decide policies and the direction of the Student Government. 
For more information on the ASOC Student Legislature, or how to join, follow the link below,
Creative • Articulate • Analytical • Representative
Operational • Effective • Cohesive • Managerial
For more information on the ASOC Student Administration, or how to join, follow the link below,
The ASOC Student Administration is ASOC's appointed operational branches that get the job done. ASOC has many projects in the works, and the Student Admin are working hard so they benefit the students. 
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