Research and Development Branch

Create New Solutions.

Research and Development Branch

Building the tools for student success.

ASOC seeks to meet students' needs wants and concerns in a verity of ways. One of these is by utilizing Ohlone's trademark innovative attitude to create solutions to students' problems through new tech. Everything from websites to programs are proposed through ASOC's R&D, and lead by our teams of developers. 

ASOC's coding Team working on software to help students choose their classes.

R&D Synergy

"ASOC R&D is made up of many parts that create our branch as a whole. Our branch holds a distinct culture of hard work and dedication to the project's successful completion, while having fun along the way"


ASOC R&D coders are proficient in everything from Python, to Git, and everything in between. Our Programers are at the for front of project development.

HTML Coders

As many ASOC Projects are delivered to students through websites, our HTML team are always ready to make sure we have the most proficient sites able

Web builders

Our Webdesign team, primarily based in Wix, focus on making sure information across ASOC is presented in the easiest consumable manner as possible (like the site you're reading right now!)

Team leaders

As with every part of ASOC, we seek no only to do great work, but to grow with that. Opportunities to rise and lead teams to complete successful projects are always arising. ASOC seeks to always find the next generation of leaders. 

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