Publications Branch 

Protecting Ohlone students from unchecked abuse

Publications Branch

The Voice of ASOC

In order for ASOC to fulfill its mission, it requires that students are able to transparently view what ASOC is advocating for, and understand its process. 


This can span from ensuring that our voting records and documents are accessible to writing articles and press releases explaining what ASOC's voting bodies, Student Admin, or even clubs are up to.


In addition, The publication's branch serves as a watchdog force. During the fight against the Anti student policy Article 6, each week would write op-eds and press releases to ensure that the world beyond Ohlone saw the mistreatment of the administration. 


ASOC's Publications branch is a great place to join if you enjoy writing articles for the Memo, press releases for any needed local media, important letters for Executive Council, compelling speeches for P&R, and so much more. 

Most new ASOC Pub team members start as writers, but there is always opportunities to rise to become an editor and director, working directly with the ASOC VP and President.  

What does ASOC Publications Do



All ASOC voting and legislation need to be accessible to students. ASOC Pub makes sure its easy to see what the Legislature is doing. 



Telling students the resources Ohlone has on campus, and the opportunities open to them is key to ASOC. 



Through the ASOC Memo and ASOC press, any abuses by the college will not go unnoticed 



ASOC Pub makes sure to help advertise and expose student groups and activities on campus to ensure we grow as a campus culture. 

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