Policies & Resolutions Branch 

Creating Policy solutions

Policies & Resolutions Branch 

ASOC's Legislative and Legal Team 

In advocating for students, ASOC requires a team of students ready to fact check legal arguments, prepare new ASOC policies and bills, ensure ASOC abides by legal requirements, and a whole assortment of other duties.


P&R can best broken down into 3 missions. 

  1. Legal Defense and Advocacy

  2. Policy, Resolution, and Legislation Creation 

  3. Maintaining ASOC Legal Compliance 

The ASOC New Deal was the first set of official bills ever approved by ASOC, setting forth the current ASOC system of policy creation and implementation. 

Some of ASOC's past policy achievements 

2019-20 President Talha Tariq, 2018-19 Student Trustee Luke Zakedis, 2019-20 Vice President Tiffany Dang

Legal Defense & Advocacy

Students' first line of defense 

While it's hoped that students' legal rights are being abided by, it is important to have a team at the ready in case of intended or unintended violations from bodies outside of ASOC on student rights.

This team researches and seeks to understand State Law, Education Code, and College/ASOC Policies, as well as other items such as Brown Act so to be ready to defend ASOC against outside intimidation, strong-arming, or even violations that overstep and impede upon student's rights or current policies as they are currently in place. This team's service may also be provided in cases of abuse against individual students on campus, as well as advocating for student interests at local or state level votes. 

This team does everything from research, to writing, to even presenting in front of government bodies on the various issues at hand. 

Policy, Resolution, and Legislation Creation

Creating Student Oriented Solutions

ASOC is built around the idea of creative and complex solutions to pressing and equally complex problems. Whether its building culture through a bill creating a concert on campus, a proclamation announcing and condemning any malfeasance related to the college, or a new policy proposal make ASOC or the college more efficient, P&R is the place to be. 

While all of the Legislature may procure and introduce ASO Bills, anyone, through Executive approval, may have a bill written by ASOC's P&R Branch. This means any staffer with a creative idea, with approval, may work with the team to create a bill and have it introduced to the ASOC Legislature by the ASOC President if approved by said President.

It is also the duty of this branch to review these bills to make sure they comply with State Law, Ed-code, Brown Act, AP & BP policies, and ASOC Bylaws Policies so to ensure ASOC stays in the clear. 

Maintaining ASOC Legal Compliance

Retaining & sharing legal knowledge 

As ASOC grows and develops each year, its important that ASOC maintains generational knowledge about the rights of students, legal resources, and general legal responsibilities ASOC must maintain.

This body should continue to attempt to teach and report to Executive Council any legal malfeasance happening with in the ASOC so to ensure that ASOC can continue growing in its mission of helping serve the needs wants and concerns of students without being hindered by a lack of unavailable resources to train the next generation on ASOC's legal obligations it must hold as apart of the CA Government.

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