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The following questions were answered from a range of ASOC students who have successfully graduated from Ohlone and been accepted everywhere from UCLA and UC Berkeley to NYU and Cornell. Each of them have taken different paths along their way, with some taking just 2 years to graduate, others over 6 years, some who live with their parents, others who are financially independent.


While everyone's path is different, we hope this page helps guide you through some questions in your journey.

This page was last updated Summer 2019. Information may fall out of date since that time. 

Frequently asked Questions 

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How do I sign up for Classes?

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Whats the fastest way to transfer to a 4 year? 

There is no 100% absolute 'fast way to graduate' as everyone's path is different. However, the best way to transfer to a 4 year ASAP in these authors' opinion is to make sure you have a pre-set goal. Know what kind of college you are planning on applying to (UC, CSU, Private, out of state) and do research on what it takes to get there, or if they have any transfer agreements such as TAG for the UCs. If you want an AA degree from Ohlone, make sure you plan that out, and if you think you may want to change your major, keep that in mind, as it may alter your path. 


From there we suggest you meet with an Ohlone Councilor and get an 'SEP' (Student Education Plan) which will outline every class you need to graduate. It is recommended you have this SEP updated each semester, and that you attempt to fact check the councilor's information, as some are prone to errors.

Outside of planning, if you are planning on applying to a UC or Private, extracurriculars, and internships can play a vital role in your success (CSUs are primarily concerned with GPA). Make sure that you use this as an opportunity to both build stories for your application as well as meet friends along your way. Many transfer students think of community college as an in-between place when they first get here, but having a social life and making friends to enjoy your stay is just as important for your success! 


How to I make a Counseling appointment? 

-What is SEP

-Why u should (but also why sometimes wrong)

-The websites saying the counselors are full When do the appointments reset?

-Drop in counciling appointments


How do Ohlone Degree's work? Do I need one?


How do grades/units work at Ohlone?

-No plus or minus 

-C or above to pass

-GPA Points per letter grade

-Need councilor's permission before taking above 15 units 

-Whats considered full time student


How do I access Veteran Resources? 


How to get accommodations for disabilities? 


-Provide documents 

-What qualifies

-What they can provide

-Mention SAT & ACT services

-Mention councilors dedicated


Where are good places to study as an Ohlone Student?

-Mission Coffee

-Hyman Hall

-Mallory SB

-Pac Com SB

-Newark Lobby

-Newark Campus Trail 

-Fremont Campus Trail


-Building 7

-Student Lounge


How do I find my major?


How do I change my major?


How should I study for my classes?

-Find a system that works for you

-Prioritize your classes (Major based classes GPA matters most, them most difficult) 

-Manage your time, G-Callander works best 

-How many hours a week



Can I study abroad while at Ohlone?


What kind of jobs can I get on campus?


How can I start getting internship?


What kind of Student Life is on campus?

-Pitch event/activity ideas to ASOC and they'll fund you to put it on w/ them

-Clubs list

-ASOC structure

-Ohlone memes for NTT 

-Ohlone College Group 



How to drop classes, and what is a 'W'? 

-Drop date (Average weeks into year) + Link to where to find

-What a W means to application 

-What to do if you passed the W date 


How do I enroll in multiple colleges? 

-How to sign up

-Recomended tips

-how to take UC classe


How do I waitlist classes?



How do classes with 'Labs' work?


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