ASOC Legislature

What is the ASOC Legislature?

ASOC's Legislature is our Student Government's voting bodies. All ASO Bills and other voting items must pass through our voting bodies, whether it be the Club Council, Senate, or Executive Council. 


ASOC's Legislature is built for Ohlone's most outspoken advocates for change, and those with a mind for policy and creative solutions.  

Leading ASOC to break new ground

Executive Council

Moksh Modi

Claire Zhou

Nilay Patel

Tanzim Amin

ICC Chair


Legislative Representative


(non voting appointment)

Talha Tariq


Tiffany Dang


ASOC Executive Council is the center team that heads the ASOC Organization. Elected through the student vote each Spring, they select the members of the Senate, lead policy creation and reform, as well as guide both ASOC's Legislature and Administration.

ASOC Senate

ASOC Senate is the core voting body of the ASOC Legislature. Consisting of 10 Fall Senators and 10 Spring Senators, the senate reviews and votes on all ASO Bills on matters ranging from project funding, to policy making. Being the most influential body in the Legislature, ASOC Senate to ensure student's needs wants and concerns are addressed.

Interclub Council

The ASOC InterClub council is the body of representatives from each of the campus's ICC recognized clubs. This body decides ICC policy decisions as well as decides if new groups can become clubs.

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