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Interested in joining Ohlone's premier group of student advocates and leaders? Well, then you are in the right place!

ASOC is united by 2 sections; the Student Legislature, and the Student Administration. Each has intro positions for new members, and a series of ranking leadership roles members can work their way up to. 

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ASOC Student Administration 

ASOC's Student Administration is made up of a number of branches (which you can find on the Student Administration Page) and is appointed by the Student Legislature to administer bills passed through ASOC's voting bodies. Student Admin is ASOC's operational side.  (Email for questions) 

Student Administration Coordinators 

The introduction role recommended for any new members to ASOC. Learn the interworkings of your branch, and work cohesively with your fellow coordinators in the team. Each program usually has between 2-6 coordinators. 

Many programs have a unique internal structuring system of how work is divided amongst coordinators. 

Student Administration Deputy Director 

Often given to highly adaptive and skilled coordinators, Program/Branch Deputy Directors are the program/branch director's second in command, and will be placed into the role of Program/Branch director if their respective director is unable to serve the role. 

Student Administration Program Director 

Program Directors are the front line leaders in the fight for student's interests. Leading their team of coordinators, the role requires skills in team/project management, scheduling, communication, and the ability to work within the chain of command. 

Program Directors are dedicated to specific projects with a pre-defined goal set forth by the legislature. Program Directors must work with their Branch Director and the ASOC VP in ensuring the mission's objective is achieved. 

Student Administration Branch Director

ASOC has, usually, 4 main branch directors over its main branches, as well as any additional branches that may arise. These Branch Directors are the head of ASOC's Student Administration and report directly to the ASOC Vice President and President. They are tasked with overseeing all programs in their branch, and mentoring the coordinators, deputy directors, and directors in their pursuit to promote student interests. 

ASOC Student Legislature  

ASOC's Legislature is made up of 3 voting bodies, totaling about 55 voting seats across the 3 per year, as well as 3 nonvoting secretaries, and up to 25 appointed staff positions. For those interested in writing bills, creating policies, sitting on college decision making bodies and helping create the direction the ASOC is heading in, then the Legislature is for you. (Email for questions)

The Inter-Club Council (ICC)

ICC is ASOC's lower voting chambers. ICC is responsible for writing any club policies, accepting new clubs, allocating club funding, and more. Each club at Ohlone elects one club delegate to ICC, usually leading to about 30 delegates per year. ICC usually meets once a week to discuss club issues. For any questions, contact the ICC Chair. 

The Senate 

ASOC's Senate is the main voting body of the ASOC. Charged with introducing bills, funding requests, creating directives for the Student Administration, and sitting on the college committees that govern the college. 

The Senate has 10 members accepted per the start of each semester for 2-semester terms. It is encouraged that new students apply to become senators if they are interested in the legislature.

The Executive Council 

The Executive Council is the main head of ASOC. Its members each hold some level of executive authority over their respective areas, and are responsible to ensure the stability of the Student Legislature and Administration. 

Executives are elected by school-wide popular vote each semester. It is strongly recommended Executive Council candidates have experience in one or more areas of ASOC before running. 

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