ASOC's Executive Council are the experienced guides and navigators of the ship that is the  larger ASOC organization.  While still abiding by the rulings of the Senate, the Executive Council may make certain executive decisions to keep ASOC effective, as well as helping mentor the next generation of leaders. 

Meet The Exec Team


Krina Shah

ASOC President, Krina Shah, is currently a second-year business administration student at Ohlone. She enjoys music, reading and yoga. If you ask her to describe herself in one sentence, she would say "a girl who is high on dopamine, 24/7."


Sabrina Panjwani

A second-year Business Administration student, Sabrina Panjwani currently serves as ASOC Vice President. Her hobbies include binge-watching Netflix, taking naps, and reading.

Her most-used emoji of 2020 is 😕.

ICC Chair

Christian Aleman

An Ohlone Psychology major in his second year, Christian is the president of MECHA and holds the position of Inter-Club Council Chair. In his free time, he enjoys participating in stagecraft, researching migrant policies, and meeting new people.


Ishan Gondara 

Ishan Gondara is a Financial Mathematics and Statistics major, currently serving as the Treasurer in the ASOC. He aims to create a platform that supports Ohlone student entrepreneurs and provides an open gym for Ohlone students. He likes to play basketball, go hiking and trading!


Osvaldo Granados

Osvaldo Granados currently serves as the 2020-2021 ASOC Secretary. His major is Bio psychology and he likes to go on long distance runs, and sings in his free time.

Leg Rep.

Mia Albano

ASOC Legislative Representative, Mia Albano, is a 2nd year political science major. When she isn’t studying, you can find her hiking East Bay trails or playing bass.



The ASOC President's position is the central role in the organization, overseeing all ongoing operations in both the Student Administration and Legislature. The President also Chairs both the Senate and Executive Council, requiring their knowledge of Parliamentary procedure and Brown Act to be fine tuned. Every year new challenges arise for ASOC, and the President must face them head on. 



The ASOC Vice-President is the head of the ASOC Administration. Overseeing between 3 to 5 Branches with numerous programs, and many of Coordinators, Directors, and Branch Directors all reporting to them, the Vice President is the Czar of  ASOC Operations. 

ICC Chair

ASOC ICC Chair is the overseer of all club functions on campus. Chairing the InterClub Council, while in the name, is only one piece of their larger role. As new clubs form, and new students enter the school looking for a community, the ICC Chair must facilitate the system for success across the board. With clubs being many student's primary introduction to the Ohlone Community, creating a fertile ground for clubs to thrive is paramount. 

Legislative Representative

ASOC's Leg Rep is essentially ASOC's Supreme Court Justice. As the student government's parliamentarian, it is important they understand and can teach Roberts Rules, Brown Act, and have a strong understanding of  College Policy and ASOC's Bylaws/Constitution. This role must enforce order in ASOC Senate and Exec meetings, and be available to consult on legal matters. 


ASOC operates with an annual revenue stream as well as expected expenditures. ASOC's treasurer is the head overseer and protector of ASOC's funding. This job requires someone who can help make sure that ASOC's budget is spent correctly for clubs and student projects, but also protect it from misappropriation. 

Want to be apart of ASOC's Executive Branch?

Each Executive Office is permitted a number of staffer positions to assist them in their duties. Apply today by emailing ASOCohlone@gmail.com

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