Support the next Generation of Leaders

Every year, ASOC's efforts train the next generation of leaders, providing opportunities for growth to many students who'd never other wise of had the chance. 

ASOC's emphasis on altruistic projects, like lobbying for city improvements, such as accessable transportation between college campuses for low income or disabled students, or even state level improvements, such as financial aid reform, all sets ASOC apart. Each opportunity prepares this new group of students for new ways they can contribute to society, upon their graduation. 

Equally important, ASOC prepares and supports members in a culture built around transfer success. Every year ASOC constantly sends members to top UCs like UCSD, UCLA, and UC Berkeley, and even on occasion to Ivie Leagues such as Princeton or Cornell. Regardless of where they go, ASOC is one of the few organizations that boasts a high turn over rate as we support student success through successfully transferring our members into university. 

Why Support ASOC?

You Give. We serve.

ASOC is a dedicated group of civil servants in their college and local community. Projects range from improving campus infrastructure (chairs, desks, art, or even campus foliage), to giant endeavors such as lobbying for a shuttle between campuses, or even fighting for state level grant reform for foster children. Whatever it is, the funds used will be spent on issues students will be impacted by. ASOC always operates with the motto of meeting Ohlone Student's true Needs Wants and Concerns. 

Some current projects that need funding include; 

• Refurbishing Cafeteria Furniture

Ohlone's cafeteria furniture is both dated, and also unable to be fixed through Measure G funds. The college has passed the bill to ASOC to replace the furniture instead of using their own.

• Funds for ASOC Without Boarders

 A program to teach students about financial awareness through helping developing countries  through Kivia. Due to legal technicality in CA Code, ASOC is unable to support the project directly per the order of Dr. Browning, but may through small donations from outside sources.

• ASOC Recreation Room 

ASOC Rec Room is a room the college sold to the ASOC to provide a place of recreation, but did not provide additional financial support. With video games, pool table, and other recreational activities, ASOC is always looking for new donated material for this room. 

• Campus Art Installations 

As with any college, pieces of art can really tie together a community and shared culture. Any local artists interested in providing such a uniting bond would be of interest. (this is per the approval by college administration).  

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