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What are ASOC Advisors?

ASOC brings in new students every year, and with that comes the much-needed responsibility of ASOC's advisors. Advisors mentor incoming ASOC members and recommend certain actions or the Executive Council. All advisors are voted in and may be voted out, excluding College mandated admin advisors, whom ASOC respectfully protests their forced involvement.  

ASOC has 3 categories of advisors. 

Faculty Advisors

Administration/Staff Advisors 

(Mandated no more than one may be a part of Office of Student Life, and who may not be a director)

Honorary Alumni Advisors


ASOC main advisor

Sheldon Helms, appointed in 2019.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors are the strongest advocates for ASOC, as tenured faculty hold the least likely chance for a conflict of interest swaying their influence over ASOC. By maintaining faculty advisors, ASOC can firmly oppose abuses by the Ohlone College administration. Our tenured faculty advisors pass down invaluable knowledge to each generation of ASOC leaders.

ASOC is allowed up to 3 main faculty advisors, and up to 2 per each committee or program. If any member of the faculty would like to join as an advisor or would like more information, please email:

Alumni Advisors

53rd Council's Primary Alumni Advisors: Tiffany Dang & Luke Zakedis

Full Alumni Advisors listed in ASOC Bylaws Addendum 10, Section 4


The administrative advisors are critical to the growth of ASOC. They serve as binding power between students and the ASOC. Not only they support ASOC in their work, but also provide guidance on important matters. ASOC constantly works with them in order to plan events and projects, and even discusses the ways to make student life at Ohlone better. 

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