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Awareness and Outreach Branch (Commonly called A&O) is ASOC's branch that's most involved with the student body's day to day. From throwing awesome events, to promoting awareness on college resources or issues students may want to be informed on, A&O does it all. 

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How does A&O work?

     ASOC's A&O director is appointed by each years Exec Council. They will bring together a team of hard-working people who, with the oversight of the Legislature, will outline the coming year's events, using information from previous years. 

     A&O then brings this plan to the Senate for approval, and with the Senate's approval will delegate Event Program Directors for each event in order to be ready for the student body in time. 

    Throughout the year, students may come up with event ideas, and and can propose such to A&O. If students wish to join A&O to put on a student government event, they may apply as a Program Director and pitch the idea. 

How does A&O Create Events?



A&O's Summer planning team will outline the event idea on their annual event plan. If not on the planner, any student inside or outside of the student government may pitch an idea.

(Key thing to keep in mind when pitching event is asking 'who will run this event?'. While ASOC may fund the event, ASOC members are not obligated to run all events)

A&O will create an ASO Bill requesting for ASOC Legislature's permission for them to start planning the event. This Bill should have a full idea of what the event is about, and how it serves the students. Does not need to have funding request in this bill, but should have a list of everyone working on the project, and who is leading it. 

Bill Template

Bill Example

Banners are often effective in promoting events 



If approved, A&O will create a Program dedicated to the event, and designate a Program Director in charge of it. This Program will create a logistical plan that will fulfill the following;

  • Contact any external groups/partner orgs for event.

  • Get the budget prepared with quotes from any potential venders/caterers for the event.

  • ​Get budget prepared for any other items for the event such as decoration, advertisements, ​prizes, entertainment, games, or other. 

    • Highly recommended to contact ​ASOC treasurer to review the budget before presenting to Senate.  

  • Fill out an Ohlone Facilities Request for any room or space on campus.

  • If the event takes place in the evening, may need to request campus security to stay on campus. 

  • If the event requires a large amount of electricity (Such as bouncy house), it must have college electrician inspect power usage in advance.

  • Contact any professors who may provide extra credit for attending the event.

  • Contact any clubs who may want to collaborate or advertise at the event.

  • Have all promotional materials prepared.  

A second bill should be written outlining all things prepared for the event, showing that the team did their due diligence, and are now ready for funding. Bill should request all needed funds in this bill, with about 10-15% extra increase of emergency circumstances (any unused funds must be returned to ASOC's budget). 

It is recommended to provide a Slideshow pitch to ASOC when requesting large amounts of funding. Example 

Events should be planned at least 1 month in advance. 2+ months is recommended.

An event can't happen without a great team. Make sure everyone has a clear job and the team works together as one.


Follow through. It's important to make sure everything is ready to go and your advertising plan is preset. A&O always recommends starting advertising at least 2-3 weeks out, and have on-campus and online presence. 

Don't forget to document your event. It can come in handy for next year's advertising. 

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